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”The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself„

(Marc Twain)


The objective of a coaching process is to discover and develop an individual’s capacities in a professional and personal setting. It is key that the coachee is taking ownership of the coaching process, which follows a sequence of steps:

  1. Situation analysis:
    contracting meeting to explore the coachee’s context, to understand the objectives and limitations of the coaching process and to clarify mutual expectations and confidentiality issues
  2. Assessment:
    fact-based or opinion-based data about the coachee’s current functioning (e.g. biographical data, career history, multi-rater feedback, performance reviews, instrument feedback, development plans…)
  3. Challenges:
    a focused set of development objectives that are identified by the coachee and depending on the context validated with key stakeholders
  4. Support:
    a combination of face-to-face sessions, on-the-job coaching and telephone follow-up – depending on the context extended to in-company mentorship or buddy feedback.
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