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”Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction„


(Pablo Picasso)

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Open Space

"Open Space" (Harrison Owen) refers to an organisation development method:
minimal conditions are created to allow a joint process to happen: providing a place and time where a large number of people can discuss a topic of choice, often results in committed actions and lasting collaboration where every individual can contribute according to his/her own talents.

In the same spirit, this part of the website is meant for open sharing of ideas, experiences, pictures, testimonials… that might inspire you as professional, client or visitor of this website to think, act or develop in new ways that work for you.

The picture gallery is meant to illustrate some of the contributions of People Intent in a non-verbal way.

The Q&A is an open forum for all inputs linked to the mission of People Intent. If you want to post some content in this Open Space, please contact us via this form.

The testimonials are client quotes based on recent collaboration with People Intent and gives you an idea if we are able to provide the services and qualities you are looking for.

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