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Image by Alexander Awerin


High expectations are usually placed on one-on-one executive coaching processes. Within a predefined time frame, behavioral patterns that have become ineffective should be identified and changed. However, these behavioral patterns have often been active for many years or even decades and have been careful  forged and  cultivated. It is therefore too easy to pretend to unlearn this in a few sessions.


From our  experience it is  important to look beyond the logic of simply stating 'less X' and (thus) 'more Y' behavior. We therefore start by investigating why it has been safe or functional up to now not to engage in 'more Y' behaviour. In addition to this in-depth view - which goes beyond mere symptom behaviour - we also opt for a broader approach. We open up the individual's perspective by actively involving direct stakeholders as representatives of the context in which the coachee wants to develop new behaviour. By adopting this approach in breadth and depth at the same time, we significantly increase the chances of success in fostering lasting change. 

Do you want to be challenged in  your  role as a manager? 

Do you want to explore your internal compass and learn to use it?

Do you want to develop your capabilities as a professional?



Ludo is a master in creating a safe environment to address tough challenges. He has a great intuition to explore issues and helped me discover strengths that I was not even aware of myself. He can be relentless in challenging the status quo and pushing for new frontiers – but always with a supportive smile and a can-do mindset. 

-Site Director, Global Logistics Company-

'Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.'

-Howard Thurman-

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