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In theory, working together in teams is intended to deliver better results for everyone: 'Together Everyone Achieves More'. However, experience often shows otherwise. Being able to get to a common understanding, or discussing different insights, preferences or options in a constructive manner is not always easy. More often than not, it can lead to tensions, 'under the table' conflicts or to completely  dysfunctional  teams.


In People Intent we start from a team paradox: in order to achieve 'more WE', it is necessary to invest 'more I' and that 'more I' subsequently leads to 'more WE'. Models about team development and personal diagnostic tools are a useful starting point, but we often experience that the journey to 'high performance' often starts with establishing a environment of psychological safety or connectness.  A good entry point is the question what the team feels responsible for - the sense of ownership often leads to taking care in a natural way.  And the more each team member is allowed to voice his or her individuality, the greater the chance of constructive cross-pollination. The benefit of successful team collaboration is demonstrated in improved tangible performance, but also in a greater satisfaction of all team members and in an enthusiast eagerness to show up and contribute to the agreed and common goals.  people ma

Do you want to realize better collaboration in your team? 

Do you want slumbering  conflicts being addressed in a safe way?

Do you want to give your team a boost?

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'A lot of books have been written about creating high-performing teams.

But how do you realize that? Over the past few years Ludo supported my teams to grow to that next level of performance by facilitating naming ‘the elephants in the room’, and in a next step to also use these insights to build a more cohesive, transparent and mature team. Ludo is realizing that by combining sound theoretical models with a very inclusive, integer and authentic approach leading to positive sustainable changes of our team culture.'

- Peter Willems, Vice-President & Global Head Pharmacovigilance, Johnson & Johnson -

'Our main task in life is to give birth to ourself, to become what we potentially are.'

-Erich Fromm-

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