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Life is a permanent adaptation to new circumstances, expectations or needs. Always in transition and therefore by definition temporary and relative. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with these changes - as a person, but even more so as an organization.


Transitions are always about learning new behaviour: looking differently, thinking differently, acting differently. A key differentiating factor in being able to move along with these necessary changes lies in the nature of the underlying choices. The more conscious and the more shared these choice are, the more natural the transition will flow.


From the perspective of People Intent, the 'how to change?' is therefore even more important than 'what to change?'. By carefully paying attention to the human dynamics, we facilitate the subtle shift from what "has to" happen into what we "want" to happen. We like to spark the genuine interest to co-create - as a starting point of an active commitment of all stakeholders. Combined with grounded expertise, this is the key to a collective change journey. In stead of hard labor, the change process can be a joint and rewarding learning process, resulting in increased effectiveness and satisfaction.  change management consultancy

Wanting to mobilise your team or organization in a different direction?  

Wanting to build an agile team, department or organization?

Wanting to create a positive drive to make change happen?

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"In a variety of change processes, Ludo has proven to combine a sharp analytical insight and a result-oriented approach with a great eye for support and co-creating the 'to be' situation. Impactful and sustainable changes have been the result of our collaboration. With People Intent the people side of change is in capable hands."

- Flor Boeckx, Corporate HR Director - Ajinomoto Omnichem  

'One of the things I learnt when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself I could not change others'


-Nelson Mandela-

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